Our Services

We were established as a freight forwarding company, focusing our activity on air, sea and land freight services.

Air Freight

Our experienced and skilled team ensures fast and reliable solutions in every circumstances. We build the perfect air freight solution to match your unique needs.

Ocean Freight

Our services focus on small and medium size cargo and give you the required flexibility to meet your needs at a very competitive cost. Providing our own consolidation services or multi-country consolidation services for more complex shipments helps control freight costs and shipment times.


We operate a dedicated, company-owned fleet of vans in all main cities and villages. For the rest of Cyprus (remote locations) we use reliable partners that better suit your needs or the geographical particularities of our country.

A Tailor-made Comprehensive
Logistics Services.

Our mission is to provide customers with superior logistics solutions with high quality services at competitive pricing. This will be achieved through personal commitment from the management to the individual staff. Our ultimate goal is to create savings and improvements to our customers' supply chain.

Road Freight

Our company complies with the CMR, the United Nations treaty that establishes international rules for the carriage of goods by road. The CMR provides a legal framework for the international carriage of goods by road.


Storage, Stock control, Picking & Packing, Shipment Management, Distribution: Our company provides integrated transportation and storage services. We manage your shipments from storage to delivery to your end consumer.

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